Ecksclusive GmbH

Your international business development for plastics and rubber

Just like you, our company lives on the specialization and know-how we have acquired in the markets of plastics, rubber and chemical industries. Our team concentrates on the essentials while keeping an eye on the neighbouring markets. We develop strategic plans to realize your business goals. We carry out analyses, discover potentials and help you achieve healthy growth. What can we do for you?

Our services at a glance

material consulting in the plastics and rubber industry

market strategies

sales strategies

distribution (active sales and logistics)

production of business connections


You have the vision We set the sails

You obtain success while we put your visions into practice, make contacts, develop strategies and attract new audiences for you

At some time or another, every company reaches the point at which it must proceed. Perhaps you currently have the vision to increase your productivity, expand abroad or attract more attention to yourself and your services? Then we are your sparring partner, analyse your potential and take on important service areas such as material consulting, the development of market and sales strategies as well as the distribution and establishment of business relationships.