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The success of a company lies in its USP – the core competencies for which there is no alternative on the market. As an international marketing and sales company, we work precisely to establish you as one of the industry leaders and thus set the course for your economic success.

Who is Ecksclusive GmbH?

Up to the senior leadership, our team has specialized in the sectors we represent, knows the trends and developments in the industry and always sets the sails in the right direction.

Ralf Eck - Ecksclusive GmbH

About Ralf Eck

With ever greater demands on the quality of products, delivery times and customer service, the challenges facing the rubber and plastics industries, as well as the chemicals industry, continue to grow in number. Globalisation is bringing new tests to manufacturers. Different cultural economic regions, short product life cycles, a demand for more personalised products and a boom in competition are just a few examples of the market’s increasing complexity. It was precisely these types of issues that I dealt with as part of my previous professional and leadership duties.

As marketing and sales director for a company that specialised in rubber additives, I led a team of employees and successfully managed the firm’s global sales. In my role as sales director for an international polymer manufacturer and as head of rubber technology at a traditional distributor my team and I were faced with these challenges on a daily basis.

I have been able to build up a diverse wealth of experience over the past years in:

sales of rubber polymers and engineering plastics

sales and marketing of rubber additives

the implementation of market analyses to assess product portfolios

the creation of a new business branch in the area of machine guard parts made from elastomer coated panels

During these tasks I was able to draw upon my education: logistics management (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), industrial materials engineering (Technical College) and Master of Arts (Management). The skills I learned during the course of these studies have helped me to consistently meet and even exceed my client’s needs. This knowledge is based around polymer chemistry, processing technologies, testing methods, and marketing and sales strategies.

I believe the skill-set I have gained from my studies and workplace experience would be a valuable asset to your firm. I look forward to discussing this further with you.

Our vision?

Your success in the thermoplastic and elastomer industry

Just like you, we have also specialized. We advise companies in the market segments that belong to the thermoplastic and elastomer industries as well as raw material distribution. We use our know-how to establish relationships for you, develop sales strategies and also take over parts of active sales. We always keep a good balance between healthy growth and profitability.

Sumitomo Corporation Europe Limited

Sumitomo Corporation Europe Limited

Sumitomo Corporation Europe Limited is a leading integrated trading company and investment solutions provider. With our European headquarters located in London we have 13 offices, based in 10 countries. We also have subsidiaries and affiliate companies located in the Middle East, Africa and in other areas of Europe. As a principal subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, one of the world leaders in integrated trading, we have access to a global network of more than 72,000 people across 67 countries. As an integrated trading company we source a product, material or component and supply it to whoever may need that resource and we are always working to expand the diversity of our products and services in order to meet the needs of our customers. This means collaboration with a wide range of global partners across a diverse range of businesses. We provide products and services across the sectors of tubular, rolled steel, non ferrous, transportation, mineral resources, chemicals, food, lifestyle and infrastructure projects.  We also invest in projects and enterprises and have assisted many companies in expanding and in opening up new markets. From upstream to downstream activities in the supply chain we have developed integrated business models that extend across the value chain of the areas we deal with. We have the global network, the experience and the expertise to help your business grow in today’s challenging business environment.

Plastic Team PAN-EU Petrochemical Department:

Thermoplastics: (PP, PS, ABS/AS, PBT, PET/PBT, PA/PPA, POM, PC, Nylon PA-6, PA-66, GLAMIDE ® High Modulus GF-Nylon,…)
Rubbers and Specialities: (FKM, ECO, ACM, CR, EPDM, TPE, Rubber Chemicals, Rubber parts)

Truck Express Speditions GmbH

As an owner-managed company, we have been a partner of forwarders, shipping companies, and the transport economy for over 35 years. Through our many years of experience, we can offer you a wide range of services. Of course, we guarantee you absolute neutrality. Readily we are at your disposal as a reliable contact for all questions concerning the transport and handling of your goods. We will promptly process your inquiries and provide you with a competitive offer.

Forwarding services:

transports across Germany and Europe by truck, railway and barge
container transports in one way and in round-trip
transport of refrigerated containers with active temperature control
general cargo as grouped cargo
partial and full loads in container and trailer
heavy load transports and special transports
transports by side loader and crane wagon
handling of dangerous goods of classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 + 9
sale and purchase of containers
storage of containers and general cargo
packing and unloading of containers, flat rack and platform